Missing, Unknown or Other Dearbeck family members

Listed below are Dearbeck's that don't tie into other known family members. For instance, this family tree seems to start with George Dearbeck (1817-1879) who was married to Elizabeth Diffendaffer (1824-1910). Everyone in our tree is descended from them. But, there are other Dearbecks who lived in California, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas in the 1800's and 1900's. How are they related to George Dearbeck? Many must have had children who had their own children. If you are related in any way or find mistakes please let me know. I've tried to verify names and dates as well as I could but can't be 100% sure.
John Dearbeck (b. ? Bavaria, Germany)
Mary (b. 1850 Bohemia, Czechia)
  • Phillip Fred Dearbeck (b. 1874 New York, NY)
  • Mary Addie Allison (1881-1973 Marquez, TX - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
  • Lizzie Dearbeck (b. 1877 New York, NY)
  • Edward L Wilkinson (1870-1957)
    • Lillian Margaret Wilkinson (1896-1967)
    • Thomas Peterson Slipsager (1891-1965)
      • Loretta Mildred Slipsager (1916-2005)
      • John D McIntosh (1914-1994)
        • Luella Margaret McIntosh (1937-)
        • Freeman Eugene Finnicum (1936-)
          Married Nov 24 1954 Yamhill, OR
      • Edward Christian Slipsager (1917-1996)
      • Mildred Velma MCConnaughey (1923-2022)
      • Leroy Francis Slipsager (1919-1965)
      • Jessie May Reed (1915-1998)
      • Sandra Nell Slipsager
John Dearbeck naturalization papers are dated 04/09/1855 Baltimore Maryland. Phillip and his little sister Lizzie arrived in Clifton Kansas in April of 1884 aboard an Orphan Train. They were taken in by C.W. and Louise Hartman. I couldn't find if Phillip and Mary Addie had children. Addie's 2nd husband was J A Rucker. Lizzie married Edward Wilkinson and had a daughter Lillian Margaret who married Thomas Peterson Slipsager and had 4 children that I can verify.
William (Wilhelm) Dearbeck (-1872, Germany)
Agnes Kuhn (1834-1907, Germany)
  • Adam Dearbeck (1862-1901, Germany)
  • Christina M Bocher (Germany)
    • Albert Dierbech (1881-1903)
    • Charles John Derbeck (1883-1940, died Los Angeles, CA)
    • Martha Malchow (1887-1933, died Los Angeles, CA)
      Married July 4, 1904 Winnebago, WI
      • Arthur Charles Derbeck (1905-1952)
      • Violette H Derbeck (1906-1993)
      • Raymond Arthur Derbeck (1906-)
      • Edward William Derbeck (1908-1983)
        Jeanne Enid Luthman (1920-1994, South Bend, Indiana)
        • Patricia Antonia Derbeck (1949-2021)
    • Christina Dearbeck (1889-1981)
    • Peter T Welty Welte (1882-1956)
      • Edward P Welty Welte (1910-)
      • Christine Welty Welte
    • Clara Marie Dearbeck (1896-1971)
  • Theresa Dearbeck (1866-1893)
    Joseph Link (1855-1894)
  • John Dearbeck (1867-1913)
  • Ottlia Tillie Dearbeck (1870-1950)
  • Charles Victor Deschler (1868-1933)
    Married Oct 28, 1889. Allegheny City, PA
    • Theresa Deschler (1889-1972)

There are many alternate spellings of Dearbeck, Derbeck, Dierbeck, Dierbech, Duebeck which is sometimes a problem with older records. These family members are in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California.
John Dearbeck
Anna (Annie)
  • Frederick John Dearbeck (1833-1912 Germany)
  • Mary Margaret Shardell or Margaret Shaw (1846-1926)
    • Catherine or Katherine Marie Dearbeck (1876-1950)
    • Charles Koshalko (1868-1951)
      • Edna R Koshalko Koryta (1898-1952)

      • Charles John Koshalko Jr (1905-1990)
      • Loretta M Pavlok (1907-1981)
        Married May 29 1926 in Johnstown, PA

      • Violet Margarette Koshalko LeVee
      • Charles Aberheart Berghauser (1904-1990)
        • Geraldine L Berghauser Kruppa (1926-2016)
        • Ronald Charles Berghauser (1928-2015)
        • Janet C Berghauser Peecook (1932-2000)
      • William Koshalko (shown on 1910 Census)

A lot of conflicting information. Frederick's name is sometimes spelled Fredrick and his wife's maiden name as Shardell, Scroff, or Shaw. Marriage License dated April 24, 1890 says Shaw. Catherine (Katherine) Marie Dearbeck FindaGrave link shows her maiden name as Shroff. 1910 Census sheet shows Frederick Dearbeck as living with Charles and Catherine Koshalko with Charles as head-of-household and Frederick as Father-in-Law.
Conrad Dearbeck (1824-, Germany)
Frances (1839-, Germany)
  • Anna Dearbeck (1858-, Maryland)
  • Mary Dearbeck (1860-, Maryland)
  • Susan Dearbeck (1863-, Maryland)
  • Conrad Dearbeck (1866-, Maryland)
  • Margaret Dearbeck (1868-, Maryland)

According to the 1870 Baltimore, Maryland Census
George Dearbeck (Germany) (1825-, Germany)
Margaret (1835-, Germany)
  • Margaret Dearbeck (1860-, Maryland)
  • George Dearbeck (1869-1929, Maryland)

According to the 1870 Baltimore, Maryland Census
Kunigunda Dearbeck (1832-, Germany)
Frank G Wolff (1830-, Germany)
  • Mary Wolff (1856-, Iowa)
  • Christina Wolff (1857-, Iowa)
  • Frank Wolff (1860-, Iowa)
  • August John Wolff (1864-1947, Missouri-Illinois)
  • Cunijunda Wolff (1866-, Iowa)
  • Mollie Wolff (1869-, Iowa)

According to the 1870 Burlington, Iowa Census
John Dearbeck (1860-1913)
Anna Imhoff (1865-1926, Michigan)
  • Stella E Dearbeck (1889-1956, Ohio)
    Russell J Hammerel (1891-1942, Ohio)
    Married April 19, 1921
    • Elizabeth Hammerel (1923-1990, Ohio)
  • Eleanor Regina Dearbeck (1891-1987, Ohio)
    Louis M Guergen
    Married Sept 25, 1933 Indiana
  • Elsie Mary Dearbeck (1894-)
  • Edwin Joseph Dearbeck (1902-1954)
    Mary E Brancheau (1906-1977)
  • Arnold John Dearbeck

Source is findagrave.com and ancestry.com records.
Frances Dearbeck (1862-1933, Germany)
Eugene Sisung (1854-1920
  • Arthur Sisung (1884-1951)
  • Josephine Sisung (1886-1966)
    Joseph Roswell Pickard (1892-1943)
  • Victor Eugene Sisung (1888-1964)
  • Frederick Joseph Sisung (1889-1958)
  • Harry P Sisung (1892-1962)
  • Lucy M Sisung (1894-1974)
    Bejamin A Labeau (1891-1942)
    • Irene J Labeau (1915-2010)
    • Beaulah Marie Labeau (1931-2023)

Source is findagrave.com, ancestry.com records and Michigan Marriages 1868-1925 4209236_573. Victor Eugene Sisung married Delia Reaume on June 9 1914 in Newport, Michigan
Edward Dearbeck (Germany)
Agnes (Germany)
  • Agnes (1892-1893), Pittsburh, PA)
Charles Dearbeck(-1900)

Source is an obituary for Charles in the Baltimore Sun dated December 24, 1900. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. Charles Dearbeck was probably a member of Co. B, 35th BN Virginia Cavalry. On the card indicating his Parole in April 1865 from being a POW, he indicated the he was returning to Baltimore his place of residence prior to the War. He also listed his address as - Jackson's Court, 19th Ward, Baltimore, MD. Headstone at Loudon Park Cemetery might be wrong.
Theresa Dearbeck (1877-, Austria-Hungary)
Joseph Grunzweig (-1904, Austria-Hungary)
  • Frank Grunzweig (1924-, Tonawanda, NY)
    Mary Prohoska (1910-, North Tonawanda, NY)

Theresa and Joseph country of birth is shown on Frank's marriage license dated May 31, 1929.
Louisa (Lucy) Dearbeck
Valentine Rosenberger
  • Harold Rosenberger
    Geraldine Bonnell
  • Raymond Rosenberger

Shown as parents on Harold and Geraldine marriage license dated December 4, 1929
Sophie Dearbeck
Sadovsky Severyn
  • Stefan Soveryn (1898-)
Mary Dearbeck
  • James Dearbeck (1921-2002, Luna Pier, MI)

James draft registration shows Mary Dearbeck on it.
Ralph Dearbeck
Violet Snyder (wife)

Morris Dearbeck - Ralphs Brother, lived in Milwaukee, WI
Richard Dearbeck - Ralphs Brother, lived in Milwaukee, WI
Loyd (or Loydd) Dearbeck - Ralphs Brother, lived in Milwaukee, WI

Ralph and Violet's marriage announcement says they were married on October 29, 1932. It also says the groom's brothers, Morris, Richard and Loyd Dearbeck attended.
Frances G Dearbeck (1914 ?-) Lived in Gray, Maine
Doris C Dearbeck (1919 ?-) Lived in Gray, Maine
Lawrence J Dearbeck (1906 ?-) Lived in Gray, Maine
Marian Dearbeck Lived in Bakersfield, CA
Barbara Dearbeck Lived in Baltimore, MD
Henry Dearbeck Lived in Baltimore, MD
Grace Dearbeck Lived in Wichita Falls, TX
Katie Dearbeck Lived in Kingfisher, OK
Sandra L Dearbeck (Greggs) Lived in Wilmington, NC and Erie, PA
Wesley Dearbeck Mount Joy, PA
William Dearbeck (1880 ?-) Monroe, MI, St. Louis, MO, familysearch.org
Margaret Dearbeck (spouse Louis Goetz) familysearch.org
Mabel Dearbeck (1904-) MyHeritage.com
Helen Elizabeth Dearbeck (1913-) MyHeritage.com
Thomas F Dearbeck (1865) MyHeritage.com
Chris Dearbeck (1817) MyHeritage.com
Charles K Dearbeck MyHeritage.com
Charles M Dearbeck MyHeritage.com
Darman Dearbeck MyHeritage.com
George V Dearbeck MyHeritage.com
Edith E Dearbeck (England/Wales) MyHeritage.com
Lewis S Dearbeck (England/Wales) MyHeritage.com
Dean Frank Dearbeck MyHeritage.com
Linion Dearbeck MyHeritage.com
Jolin Dearbeck MyHeritage.com
John Dearbeck (1803-) thegenealogist.com, London 1861 Census
Dorothy Dearbeck (1814-) thegenealogist.com, London 1861 Census
John Dearbeck (1847-) thegenealogist.com, London 1861 Census
Thomas Dearbeck (1854-) thegenealogist.com, London 1861 Census
Mary Ann Dearbeck (1858-) thegenealogist.com, London 1861 Census
Robert Dearbeck (1860-) thegenealogist.com, London 1861 Census

These are names and places I've found in news articles or other sources. Doris, Frances G, Lawrence J are found in the 1940 Census of Gray, Maine.